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English for Mums

-an 8-week English learning programme

Who is the programme for?

Mums who want to connect to their children in English without reaching for their phones to check Google Translate. 

What is the programme about?

We’re focusing on quicker grammar and vocabulary input,  more implementation and repetition. What you actually need to not feel ‘blocked’ when you start talking or feel cringe when you hear yourself. 

You get to do this while changing diapers or rereading ‘I Love You to the Moon and Back’ to your baby. You can stay in your PJs with your baby and still get it done. 

What do I mean by practice? 

It’s anytime you speak English for 3-5 minutes with your baby. You can make it your own. You can be as slow, goofy, fun, messy or as serious as you want.

What topics will you cover?

Your practice is unique to you and your communication needs with your child. We deal with language as it arises in the recordings you send me to analyse. We make new goals based on your performance, questions and reflections. 

What’s the mood?

The mood is relaxed and calm. A recorded practice is less than 5 minutes. 

What’s included in the 8 weeks?

  • Introduction questionnaire
  • Diagnostic test to find out where you’re at
  • Voice recorded feedback with notes on Voxer
  • Check in and support on Voxer
  • 2 Progress and language review calls on Zoom (1 hour per call)
  • 1 Final practice with me and your baby on Zoom (20 minutes)

This is for you if:

  • You have a baby and you want to build a relationship with them using English
  • You want to create an amazing childhood for your child and you understand that language is a key part of that
  • You don’t know what to say when you suddenly have to speak English with someone
  • You’re willing to record yourself talking
  • You want to be corrected and you’re willing to implement the corrections
  • You’ve got a strong vision of what motherhood means to you and part of it means spending quality time with your child and being present

Not for you if: 

  • You need to learn from a textbook and thrive on written homework
  • You’re focused on getting a particular accent
  • You want to be fluent in 1 month
  • You learn better in a group and through listening to others
  • You prefer long lectures

After 8 weeks you will: 

  • Make speaking English achievable in your daily routine with your baby
  • Make speaking English enjoyable for you without forgetting what you learnt before
  • Feel prepared to express yourself in any situation with your child and not second guess yourself
  • Feel safe to speak English to your baby in public without worrying about who overhears you
  • Feel ready to advocate for your baby at the playground or on a playdate

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