About Emmeline


Celta + Delta M2 certified

Neurolanguage Coach 

I’d been happily teaching English as a Second Language when the birth of my baby changed everything. Changing diapers, feeding and entertaining my baby consumed all of my time. After one of those exasperating days (and nights) I realised how hard it must be to learn English as a mother especially for mothers who want to get better at English for their children.

This realisation made me develop a programme tailored to mothers’ needs: bite-sized lessons to fit any new mum’s daily schedule. The core of the programme is speaking practice based on daily routines with your child.  I’m focusing on teaching English to mums and I’m thankful to my baby for giving new meaning to my work and life. 

I have a Celta and Delta M2 with a certification in Neurolanguage coaching.  I have more than six years experience teaching private, in-company and tertiary level courses.

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