Emmeline Luc

English teacher for mums with babies

I enable mums to prioritise their English speaking practice so they can connect with their child at a deeper level.


Hi! I’m Emmeline.


I’m a mum and English teacher who is passionate about getting mums to practise speaking English out loud with their babies. If you want the fulfillment and satisfaction of actual progress, this is for you.

How can I help you?



An 8 week programme where you get to speak straightaway and get instant feedback in your PJs.




Emmeline knows how to create a good course atmosphere.

Before I started the course, I often felt insecure about speaking and was afraid of making too many mistakes.

felt more confident after she introduced me to new language and created many opportunities for me to practise. 

-Julia (participant from my English speaking practice university course)

Before working with Emmeline, I avoided conversations in English.  I thought I should stick to how I did things at school.

Working with Emmeline, I learnt helpful strategies to progress.

I can make phone calls and be flexible when I talk. I feel better about my insecurities because her sessions were backed by science and about how our brains work.

-Paula (participant from my English speaking practice university course)

My goals were met. The lessons were always discussed openly, so that my wishes were taken into account.

There was feedback on which skills I had already improved and where she still saw room for improvement.

The lessons were well prepared, varied and fun. 

-Sven (a student from my 1-to-1 English refresher course)

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